Team Break’s origins

The Supervilan Pedro Jevedezcou also known as « El Monchichi » wants make everyone lie at her boots. Helped by his left arm, Olga Touchpasmozcou alias La Borgne – he would have lost his right arm during the bloody battle of Minions – he installed evil stratagems everywhere in France in several Escape Rooms.


Team Break : The Live Escape Game agency

The Team Break Agency is composed of several Escape Rooms through France, also known as the AntiSuperVilain cell is a top secret division of the CIA, FBI, and the RATP.

Becoming a member of Team Break agency, you accept your mission : Foil the evil plans of Pedro and Olga entering in their famous Escape Rooms.


Fortunately, Team Break’s agents are here to save the world !


Each Escape Room represents one univers and a thematic mission to accomplish.

The concept is simple : You penetrate in an immersive universe with your team and you have sixty minutes to fulfil your mission.

Pedro and Olga’s espace room is destinated to all public, from 8(*) years old to 77 years old.

In those Live Escape Game, you only need your logical spirit, your observation, a communication skills, team’s cohesion and you have to keep cool.

* 8 years old to 12 years old  children accompanied by an adulte


Team Break’s team

Team is here to lead and help new agents who want to join Team Break’s Agency.

Who are these shadows?

perso_oeil-de-moscou perso_lena-chos perso_gladys-sterik perso_eden-desindiz perso_aigle-douce

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